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I am Laura

I love connecting with animals and nature to share peace and harmony across species.  I am a Reiki Master,  Animal Reiki Teacher, Animal Communicator, and Energy Worker. I follow and practice Kathleen Prasad's Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki - a compassionate, practice honoring animals as equal partners in the healing space.  I also teach other energy practices and animal communication. I am passionate about helping humans and animals live in harmony and balance through compassion and better understanding.

Let me show you how!

What people are saying about classes

I attended a Reiki for Horses class that Laura taught this past weekend. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend Laura's classes to anyone wanting to deepen their relationship and connection with their animals. The class was very informative, and the materials, practices, etc. were well planned and presented in a very understandable format. We shared some wonderful experiences with the animals, and it was very clear that Laura is an exceptionally gifted Reiki teacher and practitioner. - CM

Laura is an amazing Reiki instructor. Very positive & encouraging. Clearly passionate & experienced about Reiki. Awesome class! - MW

Wonderful Experience! - CM

What an amazing weekend spent learning to share positive energy with the animals! Excellent teaching style! - DP

Had a fantastic, exciting, educational & humbling two days! MM

Had a fantastic, exciting, educational & humbling two days! MM

Excellent two days! Fun & challenging!

Laura, you were insightful & interesting. Thank you for helping me expand my universe. - SL

Laura offered a gentle, informative healing weekend of learning & developing Reiki skills. Peaceful! - CH

Mind- Expanding! - JM

Mind- Expanding! - JM

Safe space & nurturing environment. I was amazed at how quickly time passed. You kept everyone engaged, present and interested. The meditations were not only lovely, but perfect. The activities were very fun but also purposeful. Just Great! - JF

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